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Dr Stephen Motto
BM, Dip Sports Med, D M-S Med, Dip Med Ac, FFSEM (Ireland), FFSEM (UK)

Sports and Musculoskeletal Consultant

The Sports Injury Diagnosis Clinic is now closed, following 25 years at London Bridge.

Many thanks to all of our patients and practitioners that have worked with us over the years!

Dr Stephen Motto

Dr Stephen Motto is the founder and driving force behind the Sports Injury Diagnosis Clinic. Dr Motto received his medical degree from the Southampton Medical School in 1984. Initially he planned to become a General Practitioner, but upon witnessing the dearth of specialised Sports Medicine experts he decided to fill a much needed role within that realm.

As an avid athlete, Dr Motto’s interest in Sports Medicine was originally inspired by experiences he had when trying to rehabilitate sports injuries as a patient. Upon determining his desired specialty, Dr Motto embarked upon furthering his education within the arena of Sports Medicine. He received a Diploma in Sports Medicine from the London Hospital in Whitechapel in 1989.

Dr Motto began his full-time practising career at the Sports and Fitness Assessment Ltd (SAFA Ltd) in 1989, which helped to enhance his skills in the management of all sports and musculoskeletal conditions. He passed the Diploma in Musculoskeletal Medicine in 1993. By 1997 he had become a Sports Medicine Consultant to the renowned London Bridge Hospital and he continues to be associated with it to this day.

In recent years, Dr Motto has been on the cutting edge of Sports Medicine administering to patients ranging from casual enthusiasts to elite professional athletes. His recent experience includes stints serving at the British Olympic Medical Centre, doing work for the British International Rowing Teams and adiministering to the British Bobsleigh team.

Dr Motto’s experience also includes various positions on committees in the Section of Sports and Exercise Medicine at the Royal Society of Medicine, the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (London & South East division) and for the British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Dr Motto is currently a foundation Fellow of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine in UK and Ireland. He has distinguished himself as a leader within the arena of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). In fact, Dr Motto was recently invited to present his findings utilizing shockwave therapy at the 2nd Congress of the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians.

Dr Motto’s considerable experience within all phases of Sports Medicine helps to ensure that your sports or exercise injury is properly diagnosed and treated effectively.

Languages: English and Italian